Who is Sodexo and what it does?

Headquartered in France, Sodexo is India’s leading prepaid instrument company authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).  Market leader by far, we Design, Manage and Deliver a range of motivation solutions, from Employee Benefits (Meal Pass, Meal Pass Card, Resto Pass Card, Gift Pass) to Incentive & Recognition (Gift Pass, Say Reward) programs intended to encourage and reward performance.

What is a Meal Pass Card?

The Sodexo Meal Pass Card is a rupee-denominated reloadable magnetic stripe PIN based prepaid card. lt is a closed user group card that is accepted at Sodexo Merchant outlets for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Meal Pass Card is a prepaid instrument authorised by the RBI and issued by the Sodexo client organisation.

Who is a Merchant and how do I become a Sodexo Merchant?

Any establishment that enters into a contractual agreement with Sodexo for accepting the Meal Pass Card as per the pre-defined terms and conditions is a Sodexo Merchant. You may call our toll free no. 1800 102 2423 (Mon-Fri10 am - 6 pm ) or mail in your details at ask.in@sodexo.com and our representative shall get in touch with you within 3 working days to explain the procedure and guide you to becoming a Sodexo affiliate.

How does the Sodexo system work?

Step 1: An employer places an order for Meal Pass Cards and makes the payment to Sodexo
Step 2: The employer provides these Cards to its employees as a part of their compensation structure or to employees/ associates as a part of their Incentives and recognition program/ Meal benefits Program
Step 3: Employees/ associates use these cards at Sodexo Affiliated outlets for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages
Step 4: The Sodexo Affiliated outlets submit the vouchers to Sodexo as per the pre-defined dates in the Reimbursement Calendar for reimbursement and receive their payment within the stipulated timeframe
Step 5: The Merchant initiates reimbursement for all Sodexo Card transactions and the payment for the same will be credited to the registered bank account based on payment terms defined in the contract

On becoming a Sodexo Merchant, do I receive training?

Yes, on becoming a Sodexo merchant, you are trained on how to recognize a valid Sodexo Card, how to use the POS terminal  as well as  various do’s and don’ts much needed for the acceptance of  these cards. As a part of the Merchant program, you will also receive a ‘Welcome kit’ (Welcome letter, Merchant Handbook, Sodexo visibility tools, Business cards of the Sodexo Affiliation Managers) to help you understand and execute your role flawlessly.

What are the reimbursement dates?

There are no reimbursements dates or a fixed reimbursement calendar but payment for the settled transactions will be credited to the registered bank account based on payment terms defined in the contract What is the reimbursement process and how do I receive the payments? The Merchant can settle transactions anytime during the day or at the end of the day. Reimbursements for settled transactions will be processed by Sodexo and will be credited to the mandated bank Account via EFT as per the timeline specified at the time of contract (Settlement Date + X Days)

What if there is an issue with the payments or reimbursement? Is there a help desk to address our concerns?

Business cards of the Sodexo Affiliation Managers are given to you in the welcome kit post signing of the contract. However, in case of any other queries or concerns You may contact the Sodexo Customer Service team for information or support pertaining to reimbursements, payments, invoices and statements, disputes, and any other transaction/ terminal partner related queries as well as supply of marketing and branding collateral.
Phone: 1800 102 2423
E-mail: ask.in@sodexo.com 

How does the customer identify the Sodexo affiliated outlets?

Sodexo provides you with branding material on signing the contract that you need to display in your outlets.

How many affiliates does Sodexo have?

Sodexo has over 19,000 affiliates in over 1,250 cities across India.

We invite you to be a part of the leading merchant network.