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Why Partner With Us

  • Get access to 30 lakh daily shoppers

  • Loyal consumers gives guaranteed sales at stores, across +1700 locations

  • Co-branded promotions lead to higher visibility and sales

  • Enable secure transactions

  • Accept payments with newer digital payment solutions

  • Get on-time guaranteed payments for your transactions

Merchant Testimonials

Become a partner in 5 simple steps

  • 1

    You sign the merchant contract form

  • 2

    We enable you with digital payment technologies to accept Meal Pass from our consumers

  • 3

    We provide visibility to our stores through in-store stickers and our online platform

  • 4

    You accept Meal Pass as payment against food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased by your consumers

  • 5

    Payments for your transactions are processed on-time to your bank account

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Leader in Employee Benefits
and Rewards Services

About Us

In India, we have over 23 years of experience in providing quality of life services to clients, consumers and merchants. Today, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards services India, is the leader in meal benefit solutions for the employees. We cater to 11,000+ corporate clients comprising of both private and public sectors. Sodexo Meal Card is accepted at 1,00,000+ outlets across 1,700+ cities nationwide. With a strong focus on the employees of our clients and dedicated resources across 10 cities, our expertise is recognized by 3 million daily consumers. Our solutions have a positive impact on employee motivation and continue to contribute in improving the performance of the organizations and its employees.

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Corporate Responsibility

As a part of Sodexo’s global stop hunger programme, we have joined hands with Akshay Patra Foundation. Sodexo pledges to serve mid day meals to schools kids via the Mid Day Meal Programme.

Come join the cause and spread the smile.

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Mid-Day Meal
is a promise