Meal Pass card A 5 year <br>validity period <br /> from the date of<br/>card issuance features

A 5 year
validity period
from the date of
card issuance

Meal Pass card A personalised<br/>re-loadable<br/>card with<br/>employee name<br/> features

A personalised
card with
employee name

Meal Pass card An electronic<br/>PIN-based<br/>magnetic stripe<br/>prepaid card<br/> features

An electronic
magnetic stripe
prepaid card

Meal Pass card Can be linked to<br/>Mobile Pay<br/>for transactions<br/>on-the-go<br/> features

Can be linked to
Mobile Pay
for transactions

Meal Pass card 24x7<br/>customer care<br/>support<br/> features

customer care

Make A Wish to add outlets of your choice

We are making every attempt to bring the Sodexo experience closer to you. You can now suggest your favourite outlet to be added onto our network.

Make A Wish

Find An Outlet

Sodexo gives you access to best-in-class eateries and grocery stores. To help you enable easy search of your favourite outlet in the vicinity, we have introduced find an outlet feature on our website and mobile app.


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