What is the IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass – Rewards card?

Premium Pass – Rewards is a Sodexo and IDFC Bank co-branded magnetic stripe prepaid card. It is issued by IDFC Bank and is accepted at all RuPay merchant outlets. It is reloadable and has a 3-year validity.

Where can I use this card?

The IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass – Rewards card can be used to purchase anything of your choice on the RuPay network comprising of:

  • 20 lakh retail outlets across India
  • All leading online portals and e-commerce websites

How do I activate my IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass – Rewards card?

All IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass cards are dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. The card must be activated before usage.

  • To activate your card online
    1. Visit the card activation portal https://activation.sodexobrs.com
    2. Enter your official registered email address/ mobile number
    3. Enter the 12-dgit card reference number (mentioned on the Welcome Letter)
    4. Click on ‘Get Activation Code’
    5. Provide Officially Valid Document to complete KYC
    6. Enter activation code (received on email/ SMS)
    7. Complete OTP-based mobile number verification
    8. Click on ‘Activate Card’

Where can I find the Card Reference Number?

The Card Reference Number is printed on the Welcome Letter sent as part of the card welcome kit. This number is mandatorily required for activating the card; hence make sure that you retain the Welcome Letter until card activation.

I have lost the welcome letter and do not know the Card Reference Number. What do I do?

If you have lost/ misplaced the welcome letter and did not note down the Card Reference Number (mandatory for card activation), all you need to do is visit the Sodexo card activation portal https://activation.sodexobrs.com

  1. Select the option ‘Forgot Reference Number’
  2. Enter your registered mobile number/ email address
  3. Enter last 4-digits of your 16-dit card number
  4. Enter captcha details and click on ‘Get Card Reference Number’

If the details you have entered are correct, you will receive the card reference number details via SMS or email on your registered mobile number or email address

How can I link my Sodexo Premium Pass to the Zeta mobile app? What are the benefits of using the Zeta mobile app?

The Sodexo Premium Pass integrates with Zeta’s digital platform to offer several benefits for employees. Downloading the Zeta app on your smartphone has the following benefits:

  • SuperPIN - It’s alright to forget your static PIN because you have the SuperPIN to your rescue. The SuperPIN is a dynamic PIN that is generated every two minutes on your app
  • Exclusive offers and discounts - Avail exclusive offers and discounts
  • Enhanced security with Secure Shield -There’s no chance that your card can be misused, thanks to the Location Shield which tracks your geo-location and Swipe to Pay that ensures you’re paying from the same geo-location
  • Block and unblock card - Cards can be blocked or unblocked as per your needs
  • Track spends - Real-time in-app notifications on spends and credits
  • Access transaction history - Access transaction history on-the-go

Is my card secured by a transaction PIN?

Yes, the Sodexo Premium Pass is a PIN-based card. You will receive your static PIN as part of the card welcome kit. You can also generate a SuperPIN on your own using the Zeta app. This SuperPIN is dynamic and generates every two minutes.

Do I need to memorise the static PIN?

You will need to memorise your PIN if you have not downloaded the Zeta app. If you have downloaded the Zeta app, you can simply use the SuperPIN feature.

Will I receive SMS alerts for my purchase and load transactions?

Yes, you will receive SMS alerts from Sodexo for your purchase and load transactions. To receive SMS alerts, your mobile number must be registered with Sodexo. If your mobile number has not been provided by your employer, you can register the same with Sodexo at the time of card activation on the activation portal. You can also update your mobile number on the Zeta app. Please update the same to help us serve you better.

What are the applicable charges while using the Sodexo Premium Pass Rewards?

No charges are levied to use the services of the Sodexo Premium Pass Rewards to the cardholder. However, additional charges might be levied in case of below circumstances:

  • Card Replacement Fee: ₹150/- for lost/ misplaced cards. Replacements due to technical issues are free of cost on a case to case basis
  • Insufficient Fund Fee: ₹2 per transaction that is declined due to insufficient balance
  • Inactive Card Fee
    • Premium Pass Rewards – Rs. 20/- in case of below:
      • No load added for a period of 270 days
      • No card transactions for a period of 270 days

Can I withdraw cash using my IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass?

Cash withdrawal is not possible.

How do I change the card PIN?

You can change the card PIN via the Zeta app available on your smartphone or desktop.

What do I do if I forget the card PIN?

You can generate a new card PIN using the Zeta app on your smartphone or desktop or by simply using the dynamic SuperPIN to make transactions.

How do I check the balance on my Sodexo Premium Pass?

Every time you make a purchase, you will receive an email/SMS notification stating the updated card balance. You can also view card balance on the Zeta app on your smartphone or desktop.

How do I ensure the safety of my Sodexo Premium Pass?

If you’re using the Zeta app to make payments, you can rest assured that your card can never be misused. With the SecureShield feature in our app, we’ve brought security into your hands. The SecureShield comprises of:

  • SuperPIN - A dynamic PIN that’s valid for one transaction only
  • Location Shield - Turn this on, and your card can be swiped only at card machines near you.
  • Swipe2Pay - With Swipe2Pay, all you need to do is swipe on the secure dialog that is presented by Zeta on your phone to complete your online transactions. It is perfectly safe, fast and convenient.

To ensure that the card is not misused, do not share the PIN and do not store the Card PIN and the card together. If you have lost your card, please block your card at the earliest to avoid misuse of the card. You can block and unblock your card through the Zeta mobile app.

What should I do if my Sodexo Premium Pass is lost or stolen?

On loss of the card, you can easily block your card using the Zeta app in just a click.

Open your Zeta app, go to ‘Settings’, click on your ‘Sodexo Premium Pass’ and turn on the ‘Block temporarily’ button to prevent transactions on your card. You can also reach out to Sodexo Customer Service team. The lost card will be blocked and the available amount would be issued to the cardholder in a replacement card only after the cardholder requests for a replacement card. You can raise a request for the replacement card by logging in on desktop interface.

What should I do when my IDFC Bank Sodexo Premium Pass has expired?

After card expiry, you can no longer use the Card or access the available balance.