1. Who can apply for merchant loan?

All Sodexo affiliated merchants can avail fast, easy and collateral-free loans, subject to eligibility.

2. How can merchants apply for loan?

You can apply for the loan on our website. Visit: Merchant loan to share your request. Once you share your details, we call you to pre-qualify your profile and then our partner NBFC will connect with you for necessary process.

3. Why should I choose Sodexo for loan requirement?

Sodexo provides its merchants easy, collateral -free loans at attractive rates for its merchants. Your daily sales cash report is not considered while calculating loan eligibility. No financial documents are required upto a loan amount of INR 15 lacs.

The loan covers short term business Loan requirement such as, inventory purchase, seasonal requirements, admin costs, cover zero or smaller credit cycles by distributors.

4. What is time taken to process loans and its disbursal?

Once the merchant is qualified for loan, it takes upto 7 working days to disburse the amount to the merchant account. Loan tenure of 18, 24,30, 36 months. Convenient repayment modes and repayment frequency is available with easy documentation. Our partner also provides our merchants door step services for loan related documentation.

5. Is there any limit to loan availed?

Loan is provided from a minimum of INR 1 lacs to maximum of INR 75 lacs.

6. How does a merchant become eligible for loan?

Loan amount calculated on bases of digital sales (i.e. Loan against cards swipe and online sales incase of food and beverages industry). Loan amount calculated up to 3 times of digital sales.

7. Does Sodexo provide the loan to merchants?

Sodexo provides loan to merchant with the help of its NBFC partner

8. What is the collateral to be pledged against the loan?

This is a collateral free loan for Sodexo’s merchant , wherein loan amount calculated on bases of digital sales.

We invite you to be a part of the leading merchant network.